Ethiopian implements IATA’s fast travel self check-in initiative

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Ethiopian Airlines has fully implemented IATA’s self check-in initiative – enabling passenger customers to check-in using their mobile device and avoid queues at the airport.

The initiative provides hassle free check-in experience with self-service channels including mobile phone, web, kiosk and auto check-in without having to go to the airport. Moreover, passengers can get their boarding pass via Ethiopian Mobile Application or the Ethiopian website.

The auto check-in also enables domestic passengers to get their boarding pass by email three hours before departure if they give their email address at time of booking.

Ethiopian Airlines Group chief executive officer, Tewolde GebreMariam said: “As a customer focused airline, we are very delighted that our main hub, Addis Ababa Airport, is among pioneering airports that is fully implementing IATA’s Fast Travel Self Check-in initiative.

“The implementation of digital-driven self-services is vital for today’s air travel and self- check-in enables our customers to be fully in control of their check-in process and avoid standing in line at the airport. In line with Vision 2025, we are continuously investing in technology solutions and simplified processes in order to avail the best possible travel experience.”

The self check-in initiative responds to passenger’s demand for a more seamless travel experience and enables passengers buy tickets, pay online and check-in at their convenience.