EU says Chinese tourism is vital as global trade wars heat up

posted on 22nd June 2018 by yumna
EU says Chinese tourism is vital as global trade wars heat up

Istvan Ujhelyi, member of the European Parliament, recently reinforced the importance of EU-China tourism amid a period of unstable geopolitics in the EU, US, and China.

The MEP was speaking at the Airports Council International’s (ACI) European general assembly in Brussels earlier this week.

Ujhelyi stated that “there are 135 million people in China that want to abroad to Europe to visit” and that figures is much more than most countries can be laid claim to.

By 2020, the MEP said that there will be “200 million Chinese tourists wanting to travel in Europe”. There was an urge by the MEP to keep the EU ahead of the demand for Chinese tourism so it can cope well.

Ujhelyi remarked that “tourism is a common language that brings cultures and peoples together no matter how different they seem”.

The comments come amid trade wars between the EU and China and the US.

The US has recently slapped on high tariffs for steel imports from both the EU and China with the EU responding with tariffs on archetypal American goods such as motorcycles, bourbon whiskey and jeans. Those EU tariffs come into effect today.