Finnair introduces next steps towards modern distribution

Starting early 2023, Finnair will gradually implement continuous pricing in modern distribution channels – through and Finnair mobile App as well as NDC-enabled channels for agent partners.

Through continuous pricing, customers will not experience large price increases between booking classes as pricing is not tied to the 26 legacy price points.

This results in more competitive  pricing in modern channels compared to offers through legacy EDIFACT.

In addition, to further accelerate the technology transformation, Finnair is removing Finnish domestic itineraries from EDIFACT distribution starting 1st of May 2023.

Domestic Finland travel, i.e. flight itineraries that both start and end in Finland, will from May onwards be available to customers when purchased on Finnair’s direct channels and via Finnair’s NDC enabled sales outlets (Finnair Agency Sales Tool – FAST, certified Finnair NDC Aggregators and NDC Direct Connect API).

This change does not impact travel starting in Finland and ending in another country or travel starting outside of Finland and ending in Finland.

“We are committed to transforming how flight products are sold and serviced, for the benefit of our customers and the whole industry,”, says Jenni Suomela, Vice President, Global Sales and Channel Management, Finnair.

“We encourage our B2B partners to join on this journey, to make the benefits available for all of our customers, and are ready to support and help our partners in this transformation.”