Finnair reduces approximately 150 jobs as it responds to the impacts of the Russian airspace closure

Finnair has ended the change negotiations that were started early October on its plan to reduce 200 jobs globally.

The plan was linked to Finnair’s new strategy published on September 7 which targets to restore Finnair’s profitability.

Due to the dramatic changes in Finnair’s operating environment caused by the closure of Russian airspace, Finnair now reduces approximately 90 jobs in Finland.

Some employees can be offered a new role at Finnair. Outside Finland, 57 jobs will be reduced.  

The personnel reductions will be implemented by the end of February 2023.

“Finnair employees are committed professionals, who in many ways have already had to stretch, first during the pandemic, and then because of the war started by Russia,” says Topi Manner, Finnair CEO.

“I’m deeply sorry that we must take these difficult but necessary measures in our quest to restore our profitability.”

The change negotiations concerned some 770 employees in Finland who work in executive, manager and expert roles. 

Finnair has a total of approximately 5300 employees globally.

Finnair offers those who will become redundant support in re-employment through a change security program NEXT.

This includes among other individual career coaching and training opportunities.

Finnair continues its determined actions to restore its profitability, for example through decreasing unit costs and strengthening unit revenues.