First Boeing 777X flight test aircraft comes together

posted on 21st November 2018 by Justin Burns
First Boeing 777X flight test aircraft comes together

Boeing has brought together the major fuselage sections to form the first 777X aircraft that will take to the skies in 2019 and the first is set to be delivered set for 2020.

In a major production milestone called ‘final body join,’ Boeing teams connected the nose, mid and aft sections in the company’s factory in Everett, Washington.

The aircraft now measures 252 feet long (77 metres) from nose to tail, making it the longest passenger aircraft the manufacturer has ever produced.

Boeing said the 777X builds on the 777 and the 787 Dreamliner to offer airlines the largest and most-efficient twin-engine jet in the world and the aircraft provides 12 per cent lower fuel consumption and 10 per cent lower operating costs than other competing aircraft.

The first 777X introduced will be the 777-9 model, which can seat 400 to 425 passengers in a standard configuration and offer a range of 7,600 nautical miles (14,075 km).

Boeing said passengers will enjoy windows that are larger and located higher on the fuselage than the current 777, along with a wider cabin, new lighting and enhanced architecture.

The first 777X test aircraft for static ground testing was completed in September 2018. Three additional flight test aircraft will be built after the first flight test.