Flybe suggest PSOs are key to boosting regional connectivity in the UK

posted on 18th June 2018 by yumna
Flybe suggest PSOs are key to boosting regional connectivity in the UK

Director of communications for Flybe, Simon McNamara, recently suggested that the adoption of Public Service Obligations (PSO) in the UK would boost regional connectivity in the country.

Under the European Commission, PSOs mandate that member states may impose obligations on certain scheduled air services which are vital for the economic development of the region they serve.

The European Commission states: “In case no air carrier is interested in operating the route on which the obligations have been imposed, the Member State concerned may restrict the access to the route to a single air carrier and compensate its operational losses resulting from the PSO.

The selection of the operator must be made by public tender at Community level.”

Flybe, based in Exeter in the UK, is currently the largest independent regional airline in Europe and one of the biggest operator’s of turboprop aircraft. Regional connectivity is vital for the growth of the airline.

McNamara stated that France and Sweden, other member states of the European Union, already adopt PSOs for air travel, yet the UK doesn’t.

If the UK will even be able to adopt PSOs in a post-Brexit landscape remains unclear. However, McNamara suggested doing so is vital for regional connectivity in the nation recently at the British-Irish Airports Expo signifying its proposed importance for the airline.