Garrett is a chosen supplier to Colombian airports

The PD 6500i meets the world's highest test certifications, including TSA, ECAC, and other internationally recognized standards for airport security.

Texas-based Garrett Metal Detectors – in partnership with CIS Seguridad – announced that nineteen of its PD 6500i walk-through metal detectors will be placed in fifteen locations across the South American country of Colombia.

This purchase by the Aeronáutica Civil de Colombia was the result of a competitive tender won by Garrett.

Garrett’s aviation certified PD 6500i security detector achieved the win over its competitors due in part to prior positive experience with its reliability, detection experience, and ease-of-use on the part of the Aeronáutica Civil.

The PD 6500i sees widespread use in airports worldwide for these reasons as well as its impressive list of security standards and compliances, including TSA and ECAC certification.

Leo Zelenkevich, International Security Sales Director said: “Garrett offers real results and real value.

“Our detectors provide the detection airports need alongside the agnostic and license-free remote management tools that really bring an aviation security checkpoint together.”

Combined with the iC Module accessory for remote management and monitoring, the PD 6500i’s airport-specific settings make it an ideal integration for any airport screening setup.

As one of most certified metal detectors on the market, users can have confidence that a Garrett PD 6500i checkpoint is a secure checkpoint.

The PD 6500i has been trusted to secure airports, hotels, government buildings, and major sporting events worldwide.