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Gen Phoenix unveils fully recyclable aircraft dress cover

Gen Phoenix and Doy Design

Gen Phoenix, in partnership with Sabeti Wain Aerospace and Doy Design, has announced the launch of the aviation industry’s first fully recyclable aircraft dress cover.

The Circular Dress Cover is a breakthrough closed-loop solution that allows airlines to recycle 100% of their end-of-life seat covers into new seat cover material with no compromise on quality, durability or certification requirements.

This first-of-its-kind, fully circular cover is upholstered in Helios, a brand-new material innovation developed by Gen Phoenix; made using recycled end-of-life waste in a closed-loop process, that can continue to be recycled again and again.

The Circular Dress Cover marks a paradigm shift in aircraft seating sustainability. Current seat covers are traditionally made from a mix of non-recyclable materials that are hard to separate and end up in landfills or incinerated after their typical service life.

In contrast, Gen Phoenix’s patent-pending technology allows airlines’ old seat covers to be fully recycled, in their entirety, and repurposed at the end of their lives through the company’s innovative process.

Nico den Ouden, CTO and GM Seating of Gen Phoenix says: “Airlines are under immense pressure to reduce waste and meet aggressive net-zero emissions targets.

“Helios, our latest material innovation, provides a revolutionary new circular solution for airlines looking to eliminate a significant waste stream and lower the carbon footprint of aircraft interiors. It’s a win for sustainability and a win for airlines.”

Created with 100% components designed for recyclability, the Circular Dress Cover meets all performance specifications for aircraft seating, including the 12-second vertical burn certification.

A new bio-based coating provides a premium soft touch for a luxury passenger experience, while maintaining all the required durability.

Through a take-back programme, Gen Phoenix will collect and recycle their customer’s dress covers at the end of their useful life, breaking them down and building them back up again with no compromise to performance or passenger experience.

Nick Wain, Director, Sabeti Wain Aerospace says: “We worked with Gen Phoenix to develop a laminated system that could be fully recycled, using an alternative to the traditional foam stack up.

“Gen Phoenix had successfully proven the process to recycle these dress covers, and this was one of the major technical breakthroughs from the team.”

Gary Doy of Doy Design says: “The Ultra Slim Low Carbon Demonstrator Seat is an exercise in making design decisions that prioritise circularity and reduce the embedded carbon of the materials used.

“One of the most difficult areas of an aircraft seat to recycle is the cushion and dress cover system.

“To solve this problem, we needed to reevaluate the construction of the system and design a product with recycling in mind.

“We worked closely with SabetiWain Aerospace to develop a cushion system that can be readily disassembled at the end of life whilst delivering a long-lasting product.”