Glasgow Airport to pilot special assistance passenger support app

Glasgow Airport is trialling an app to ensure all passengers who require additional support get the help they need.

Approximately 25% of requests for special assistance are made on the day of travel and are not pre-arranged for a number of reasons. The PRM Assist app will supplement the current service which is usually pre-arranged by the passenger via their airline or booking agent.

This means that Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM) passengers who have been unable to book assistance with their airline can do so using the new app, or it will allow the airport’s service provider OCS to arrange assistance for them.

As well as ensuring all PRM passengers get the support they need when travelling through the terminal, the app will help OCS to plan staffing and equipment levels further in advance and provide a wide range of analysis to continually improve the current service.

The PRM Assist app can also provide passengers with real-time flight information, allow them to request specific special assistance and provide feedback, which is a vital part of how the service is continually improved.

Ronald Leitch, Glasgow Airport’s Operations Director, said: “We are incredibly proud of the PRM service provided by both OCS and our own airport team.

“The way in which special assistance services are delivered is constantly evolving and improving, so we continually look at ways we can further develop our methods to ensure our PRM passengers enjoy a safe, dignified and enjoyable airport experience.

“Glasgow has one of the highest proportions of PRM passengers of any UK airport and I firmly believe this is due to the quality of the service and the significant investment we make each year.

“What is also vital to the success of our PRM service at Glasgow Airport is the dedication and hard work of those people who deliver for our passengers who need additional support each and every day.”

Last month Glasgow Airport received the highest ‘Very Good’ rating from the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) Interim Airport Accessibility Report.

More than 90,000 passengers who required additional support travelled through Glasgow Airport during so far this year.

Derek Murphy, Director of Aviation Services OCS UK & Ireland, said: “It’s exciting to see innovation being designed with the PRM passengers’ in mind.

“OCS and our partners at Glasgow Airport are dedicated to continuously improving our PRM Service provision and now we will see real benefits to both the passengers’ experience and the PRM operation through the implementation of PRM Assist.

“While still a relatively new platform, we can already see that PRM Assist is a big step forward for airport PRM infrastructure and how airports deliver PRM services for its passengers”

Conor Halpin, Director of Business Development at PRM Assist, added: “This Initial step of implementing PRM Assist and its services at Glasgow highlights the airport’s ambition and vision to innovate and provide a more accessible journey for passengers with reduced mobility.

“We are excited to work with both OCS and the airport’s support team on this project and will continue to develop our products with the input of their teams.”

The PRM Assist app is available to download on both Apple and Android platforms.