Global Airlines acquires its first A380 from Doric Aviation

posted on 30th May 2023 by Eddie Saunders
Global Airlines acquires its first A380 from Doric Aviation

Global Airlines, the world’s newest long-haul airline, has made a significant leap towards revolutionising commercial aviation with the acquisition of its first A380 aircraft from Doric Aviation.

As the first ever operator to start flights with the super jumbo, Global Airlines aims to redefine the travel experience for passengers across all travel classes.

The airlines first transatlantic flights are expected by Spring 2024.

Unlike other new airlines, Global Airlines, with significant backing from investors and parent company Holiday Swap, has chosen to acquire its first aircraft from Doric Aviation rather than opting for the traditional leasing route.

Through a partnership with Doric Aviation, Global has successfully secured its inaugural A380, marking a significant milestone towards the realisation of its ambitious plans.

The airline is already making progress in adding more A380 aircraft to its fleet, with three more acquisitions expected to join the fleet in the coming months.

James Asquith, CEO and Founder of Global Airlines, said “Our aspiration is to be the best way to fly, and the A380, with its unmatched levels of space, comfort, and service, will be absolutely central to achieving that vision.

“The purchase of our first aircraft demonstrates that we are well on the way to launching Global.

“The next step is to overhaul and refit the aircraft to our high specification, providing our customers with the best experience in the sky today.

“Acquiring our aircraft rather than leasing showcases our commitment to financial security and resilience from day one.”

Sibylle Paehler, Managing Partner at Doric, said “We are delighted to have worked with James and the team on the acquisition of their first Global Airlines aircraft. Contrary to popular belief, the A380 is widely recognised as the best way to fly, offering unparalleled comfort and features that lead to a unique travel experience.

“We are proud to have placed this beautiful modern aircraft with a new airline that will soon take to the skies.

“We are confident that Global Airlines will acquire more A380 aircraft in the near future.”