Hamburg Airport: self-baggage drops are the future of the passenger experience at airports

posted on 13th February 2018 by Jordan Newton
Hamburg Airport: self-baggage drops are the future of the passenger experience at airports

Although Hamburg Airport’s innovative self-baggage drop system was implemented in the site’s terminal over three years ago, Hamburg is honest: there is always room for improvement and tweaks to ensure the system is best fit for customers.

Now, in 2018, Hamburg believes they are in the best position to sing the praises of its self-baggage drop.

Mirjam Froehlich, project manager at Hamburg Airport, believes passionately in the passenger experience. In detail, the comfort and accessibility are elements that passengers should enjoy bolstered by low waiting times and hassle-free movement around the airport.

The project manager assures that passengers are never “left on their own” in the airport – there are always airport staff on hand to assist travellers with the baggage drop system. There also a number of safety measures in place to ensure bags are sent in the correct manner. Photographs of the bag are recorded; the bag will not leave if it is over the weight limit and the passenger must declare any lithium batteries or dangerous liquids inside the bag.

A number of airlines are already on board with allowing their passengers to use the system. This is demonstrated by the passenger scanning an airline-specific boarding pass. Froehlich believes that self-baggage drops will become the norm for airports in the future. It will help airports to manage their capacity more efficiently, she notes.

A press release from Hamburg notes that an airport should be the starting point of holidaymakers, not just a means of travel. The airport states that the baggage drop can allow the passenger to “experience the airport as the positive starting point for the entire travel chain.” Get the baggage sent away without waiting at this future-forward airport in north Germany, the holiday has only just began.