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Havas doubles its footprint with relocation to Istanbul airport

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Turkish ground handler Havas has doubled its footprint in Istanbul after making the move from Istanbul Ataturk Airport to the new $7.4 billion Istanbul Airport.

The company had approximately 28,000 square metres in Ataturk Airport, but now operates over 40,000 square metres of indoor and outdoor areas at Istanbul Airport, which started full operations earlier this month.

The handlers operates its main station and temporary storage buildings, service offices, equipment maintenance shop and parking areas

Furthermore, Havas offers its services at its new 14,500 square metre temporary storage area, where the company has doubled in size compared to a 7,400 square metre facility at Atatürk Airport.

Havas made the move across Istanbul after a 30-hour-long transfer operation from Ataturk Airport to Istanbul Airport, delivering 604 ground handling service equipment to its new facilities via 186 trailer trucks.

General manager, Kursad Kocak said: “As part of the great transfer that we have recently achieved, we have moved from our facilities at Atatürk Airport to our new service buildings at Istanbul Airport.

“The first steps of Turkish civil aviation were taken by Atatürk Airport and I believe Istanbul Airport will broaden new horizons for our country and the industry and make great contributions. In line with the capacity increase with the transfer to Istanbul Airport, so far, we have invested over €21 million for our new facilities.

“Our new temporary storage building has been built twice as big as the ones at Atatürk Airport. Our station building, equipment maintenance shop and parking areas were designed larger than our operation area at Atatürk Airport.

“We are providing service to 45 airlines with 1,200 employees at Istanbul Airport. We will enhance our collaborations at our new station at Istanbul Airport and maintain to be a preferred business partner.”