Honeywell expands connected aircraft service to cover the ground

posted on 3rd April 2018 by Jordan Newton
Honeywell expands connected aircraft service to cover the ground

Honeywell is expanding its GoDirect connected services to one of the last unconnected aviation frontiers – the ground.

A new agreement with telematics company Pinnacle will enable the two companies to connect an airport’s ramp service into one single, managed solution that provides airlines and ground handlers with real-time insights into vehicle activity anywhere at the airport.

They say the connected ramp solution can deliver up to 15 per cent reduction in maintenance costs due to reduced vehicle requirements, 10 to 45 per cent reduction in the cost of damage due to improved safety adherence, location awareness, and vehicle status and up to a five-minute reduction in average aircraft turnaround time.

Honeywell and Pinnacle explain their service creates a new way for airlines and airports to increase safety and efficiency. Telematics hardware on ground vehicles transmits data, which feeds into advanced software that give airlines and ground handlers actionable data at their fingertips.

This combination of connectivity and telematics provides real-time insights into vehicle use and maintenance requirements, as well as exact locations of all ramp operations.

Airlines and ground handlers can utilise predictive maintenance for ground support equipment and also see reduced fuel costs for aircraft due to quicker turnaround times on the ground.

Honeywell Aerospace vice president connected aircraft, Kristin Slyker said: “The ability to provide ramp operators with connected services combined with telematics creates a new connected ramp reality that addresses one of the last untapped areas in the aerospace industry.

“We’re ready to implement this new approach today for any customer ready to improve safety and operational efficiency on the ramp — from the moment an aircraft lands until that same aircraft is airborne again.”