Hong Kong Airlines recruits flight attendants outside Hong Kong

On 17 March, Hong Kong Airlines held a recruitment day in Taipei, where over 200 candidates were invited for on-site interviews.

Hong Kong Airlines is proactively recruiting flight attendants through large-scale recruitment events organised in various regions, drawing interest from thousands of job seekers eager to embark on a career in the aviation sector.

Last year, Hong Kong Airlines launched its first recruitment in the Greater Bay Area and has organised recruitment events in Osaka, Bangkok, and Taipei respectively since the end of last year, receiving over two thousand applications. Qualified candidates were invited for on-site interviews.

The Company expects to ultimately employ over a hundred flight attendants from these areas.

Beyond hosting recruitment events, the company continues to recruit as necessary, continuously accepting job applications through its official website and encouraging those passionate about the aviation industry to apply.

Sally Lo Chi Yau, General Manager of Onboard Experience at Hong Kong Airlines, travelled to Taipei last week to conduct face-to-face interviews with local candidates. She remarked, “The flight attendants from Taiwan are known for their professionalism and dedication, particularly excelling in the provision of high-quality passenger service. Their proficiency in multiple languages enables them to effectively meet the needs of our passengers, especially international travellers who value interaction.”

“Our service team consists of members from all over the world and they usually offer mutual support and share insights about life in Hong Kong, thus aiding recruits in swiftly adjusting to the working environment.

“Here at Hong Kong Airlines, we embrace a multicultural ethos and are committed to fostering a corporate culture that is both relaxed and vibrant, which we believe will entice more international talent to join us.”

April Wang I-Han, Senior Purser from Taiwan with over 12 years at Hong Kong Airlines, relayed her experiences at the recruitment event: “What draws me to Hong Kong Airlines, aside from the outstanding working environment, comprehensive benefits, and extensive support resources, is the sense of ‘cohesive community’ reminiscent of a large family.

“Colleagues often provide mutual support and respect, and learn from one another, and the equitable promotion system has kept me here for 12 years.

“Furthermore, Hong Kong itself is an incredibly diverse, international city, teeming with cultural vitality, and I am thankful for the opportunity to live and work here.”