Hong Kong Airlines strengthens flight attendant recruitment in Thailand

Hong Kong Airlines Strengthens Flight Attendant Recruitment in Thailand

As it continues to expand its fleet and launch new routes, Hong Kong Airlines anticipates to recruit over 10% more pilots and 40% more cabin crew within the year.

To meet these development needs, the Company has launched a series of recruitment events in various cities across Hong Kong, Mainland China and other regions, hiring for multiple positions including frontline staff and flight attendants.

At its latest flight attendant recruitment event hosted in Bangkok on 15 June, the Company successfully attracted thousands of job seekers eager to embark on a career in the aviation sector.

After a thorough screening process, qualified candidates were invited for on-site interviews.

The recruitment event was attended by the special guest Mr Chaturont CHAIYAKAM, the Consul-General of the Royal Thai Consulate-General in Hong Kong. Mr Chaturont CHAIYAKAM shared insights on the development opportunities in the aviation sector between Hong Kong and Thailand, encouraged the younger generation of Thailand to actively pursue careers in aviation, and expressed his support for Hong Kong Airlines’ stepping up its recruitment efforts in Thailand, considering it a great opportunity to strengthen the talent exchange between the two regions.

Ms Sally Lo, General Manager of Onboard Experience at Hong Kong Airlines, stated, “Thai employees are known for their strong ability to adapt to different cultures and work environments.

“Their proficiency in both Thai and English, coupled with their diligence, discipline, enthusiasm for work, and commitment to providing excellent service, gives them an edge in the international business environment.

“The over twenty Thai flight attendants we recruited earlier this year are now in the final stage of their training and are performing well.

“They are expected to graduate by the end of the month and start providing service on all our flights.”

Ms Viola Wong, Director of Human Resources of Hong Kong Airlines, shared insights on the company’s corporate culture at the event. She stated, “The employee turnover rate is currently relatively stable.

“To further retain and motivate our employees, we launched various incentive schemes, communication channels and staff caring activities.

“We anticipate a net increase of 500 employees this year and will continue to allocate resources in various aspects of talent training and employee activities to retain our valuable employees “