IATA and PASSUR Aerospace Have Launched the ITOP Global Contingency Portal

posted on 1st April 2020 by Eddie Saunders
IATA and PASSUR Aerospace Have Launched the ITOP Global Contingency Portal

PASSUR Aerospace, Inc., a global leader in digital operational excellence, has responded to a request from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) by developing a global portal to assist the airline industry in managing the severe disruption caused by COVID-19. The ITOP Global Contingency Portal (GCP) will provide realtime sharing of critical aviation operational information around the world. In order to accelerate adoption and provide much needed assistance to the air transportation community, this service is being offered at no charge.

ITOP GCP is modeled on the existing IATA Tactical Operations Portal (ITOP) solution, developed and maintained by PASSUR. ITOP GCP is a collaborative information and advisory service used to notify aviation stakeholders globally about critical updates, news, directives, and developments related to COVID-19. Registered users receive alerts ranked by severity and priority on any device, as well as having access to the GCP web site providing a variety of additional resources and information including, but not limited to: COVID-19 airport closures, airspace restrictions, international and domestic passenger admittance and screening rules, national travel restrictions, and more.

In light of the industry’s crisis response to COVID-19, IATA and PASSUR are providing access to ITOP GCP at no charge to all qualified industry stakeholders. There are currently more than 1,700 registered users, representing 202 airlines, 59 airport operators, and 18 Air Navigation Service Providers (air traffic control organizations) using this system as of today.

IATA in agreement with PASSUR has opened the registration to the ITOP GCP service to non-IATA members. Access is available to aviation professionals and is governed through an established, secure qualification process. Further information on how to access ITOP GCP is being distributed through established industry trade group channels.

We are honored to be in a position to support our industry at this very challenging time,” said Brian Cook, CEO of PASSUR Aerospace.

ITOP reminds us all of the power of collaboration, information sharing, and common operational awareness across regions, time zones, cultures and organizations – the industry’s most critical problems can only be addressed when we work together.”

We are pleased to be partnering with PASSUR to support the airline industry with a platform to enable sharing of critical real-time operational information, and thank PASSUR for agreeing to waive any associated charges during this grave crisis,” said Gilberto Lopez Meyer, IATA’s Senior Vice President, Safety and Flight Operations.