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IATA Ground Handling Conference – Oped

When the global ground handling community meets in Abu Dhabi at the 35th IATA Ground Handling Conference (IGHC) 16-18 May, key among the topics to be discussed will be accommodating the growing demand for air travel as the skills shortage continues.

Under the theme – Embracing Technology – the event will focus on overcoming workforce shortages and improving operations through standardization and digitalization.

Successful ground operations are vital to ensuring a sustainable air transport sector.

Unfortunately, a year after the greatest downturn in history, aviation continues to face labor shortages and challenges in recruiting and retaining staff up and down the line, but particularly amid ground staff.

IGHC will address what can be done to overcome this challenge.

The need for and benefits of standardization across the ground handling industry through implementation of global standards will also be front and center at IGHC.

A standardized and globally accepted framework for safe and efficient ground operations is crucial.

For over 10 years, the IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM) has been the standard reference for airlines and ground service providers (GSPs).

Accelerating the global adoption of IGOM to ensure worldwide operational consistency and safety as well as the recently launched the IGOM portal will be key topics at IGHC.

Also on the agenda will be the need to embrace digitalization and new technology to drive process improvements that will be critical to improving both sustainability and productivity.

Specifically, IGHC will focus on the benefits and challenges of using autonomous vehicles, how traditional ramp activities are ripe for digitalization and how new technology can reduce accident rates.

There will also be a session on how digitization is transforming the air cargo industry.

All of these subjects and others will be discussed and debated at the ICHC. The challenges facing the industry are significant but not insurmountable.

The key is industry collaboration. IGHC is an excellent place to support all stakeholders in this critical part of the aviation value chain to align on immediate and long-term industry priorities.

The discussions at this year’s IGHC will help all stakeholders in this critical part of the aviation value chain to align on the key components of its long-term sustainability.

IGHC brings together industry leaders from airlines, airports, ground service providers to manufacturers for networking and business development.

The event provides a unique platform for the discussion and implementation of industry standards, policies and procedures.