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IBA Group establishes presence in Tokyo

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IBA Group has established a representation in Tokyo which it says is a further example of its commitment and growing presence in Asia Pacific.

The aviation consultancy company also said it is an example of the continued popularity and demand for aviation investment in the region.

IBA’s main services include aviation data, appraisals, asset management and advisory.  

“Introducing formal and experienced representation in Japan builds on our strategic plan for closer ties with the aviation community across the wider Asia region. In the coming months we will also be announcing representation in China to further strengthen our capability with another local team,” said Phil Seymour, chief executive officer of the IBA Group.

IBA’s associates in Japan include Reina Akiyama and John Duley.  “Their significant experience in aviation, software, and their understanding of the complexities of aviation jurisdictions and the market will hone our core service provision and tailored customer programmes” he added.

IBA hopes to further strengthen ties with the Japanese aviation community over the coming months and the team will facilitate the delivery of IBA’s aviation data intelligence platform IBA.iQ.

“Personal contact is very important right across Asia and in order to be successful, the team at IBA believes we need to have a presence here to better develop our contacts and understanding of the challenges faced by the industry. Our aim is to actively develop relationships in the region” said Seymour.