Integration of Air Iceland Connect and Icelandair: It’s Offical!

posted on 27th April 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Integration of Air Iceland Connect and Icelandair: It's Offical!

Manager of Ground Operations at Air Iceland Connect, Magnús Brimar Magnússon, has released a statement regarding plans to integrate the operations of Air Iceland Connect, Icelandair Group‘s subsidiary, into the operations of Icelandair:

My dear friends and colleagues near and far.

It’s official now.  As a result of the announcement by Icelandair at the end of March that they intended to integrate Air Iceland Connect into Icelandair my position is being merged with the Icelandair

Guðmundur Ólafsson will be taking responsibility as the Post Holder for Ground Operations with Air Iceland Connect and aircraft handling activities.  Polly Hilmarsdóttir will be taking responsibility for Security related issues and Stephanie Smith will be taking responsibility for Emergency Response.     

As far as I know I will be transferring to a new position within Icelandair sometime this fall after I have finished clearing up some accumulated vacation and some well deserved rest and relaxation. There are still some loose ends and responsibilities that do not go to these three that I will be transferring onwards to the relevant persons within Icelandair in the coming weeks.

I will be monitoring my e-mail as possible during this transition time but as these times are relatively uncertain I would invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn if you have not already done so.  The link to my profile can be found here: