International Health Insurers Globality Health and ERGO-Bezirksdirektion Haus Complement BARIG Business Partner Network

posted on 4th May 2023 by Eddie Saunders
International Health Insurers Globality Health and ERGO-Bezirksdirektion Haus Complement BARIG Business Partner Network

In aviation, the consequences of the Corona pandemic are still evident today. The entire industry finds itself in the midst of a profound transformation that is bringing numerous changes.

Airlines together with partner companies are driving this transformation forward, thereby responding to the changing demands of customers, business partners, and employees.

In this context, the Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (BARIG) is further expanding its cross-industrial network in a target-oriented way.

With the internationally experienced health insurers Globality Health and ERGO-Bezirksdirektion Haus, which has its regional office in Dreieich near Frankfurt am Main, the BARIG community welcomes two new business partners who provide extensive global expertise in the insurance industry and support companies which are sending employees abroad to work on a short- and long-term basis.

In this way, they facilitate, among other things, the fulfillment of the employers’ duty of care as well as the adherence to international compliance regulations.

The new partners’ know-how supports BARIG member companies in being able to act with more contemporary flexibility, especially with regard to personnel management.

“Rarely before have there been so many challenges in our industry simultaneously, but they can be solved efficiently while working together with partners from other industrial fields,” Michael Hoppe, BARIG Chairman and Executive Director, explains.

“Cooperation across different sectors is a key to common and sustainable success.

“With Globality Health and ERGO-Bezirksdirektion Haus, we welcome two renowned experts in our network that provide profound, international expertise.”

Oliver Haus, owner and managing director of ERGO Regional Office Haus, mentions: “For 28 years, I have been advising and assisting companies in terms of insurance coverage of their international employees.

“I am looking forward to the fruitful exchange within the BARIG community and to supporting the airlines and their workforces with comprehensive advice on Globality Health’s insurance solutions – and beyond.”

Dr. Cornelia Röskau, Managing Director Globality Health, comments: “As an international health insurer, Globality Health focuses on covering expats, i.e. people who work and live abroad temporarily or for an extended period of time.

“Many internationally operating companies trust our long-standing experience and our worldwide service network. We are delighted to offer our expertise and services to the BARIG community.”