Iraqi PM lays foundation stone for rehabilitating Mosul Airport

By Amr Salem,

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, confirmed on Wednesday that Mosul International Airport will provide several opportunities in different fields for Nineveh governorate and the neighboring areas, according to the state news agency (INA).

Al-Kadhimi, while laying the foundation stone for a project rehabilitating Mosul International Airport in Nineveh governorate, indicated that the government is increasing its efforts to reconstruct the city of Mosul, according to a press statement issued by the press office of the Prime Minister.

The statement elaborated that Al-Kadhimi directed to complete the requirements for launching the project during a previous visit to the governorate last month. The aim is to have the required standards and requirements ready to avoid possible delays to the project, and ensure its completion on time.

Al-Kadhimi re-affirmed that the airport will provide great services to the governorate in terms of transporting goods and travelers, and indicated that there are tremendous efforts to rebuild the city of Mosul.

The Prime Minister elaborated that he personally follows up on the efforts made to complete the reconstruction projects to provide the required services to the people of Nineveh governorate.