Autumn 2019

issue 29

Welcome to the Autumn 2019 edition of Airline Routes & Ground Services.

This issue features a one-to-one interview with new Airport Services Association Director General Fabio Gamba (page 4). He took over at the helm of the association in April and he shares his views on the industry and his plans in the hot seat.

The industry’s biggest event, IGHC, took place in Madrid from 26-29 May and we review (page 8) the pertinent issues that came out of the gathering, where there were calls by IATA for a focus on safety, standards and innovation.

This month’s full-service carrier interview is with Ethiopian Airlines (page 10). We speak to Tekle G/Yohannes, Managing Director of the airline’s ground handling division, about what are the current operating challenges and opportunities.

Route development in this issue focuses on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region (page 14), which is facing a difficult few years, but new network models and infrastructure development are set to help airlines thrive.

The low-cost carrier (LCC) interview in this issue focuses on Danish regional start-up carrier Great Dane Airlines (page 20), which has taken off from its Aalborg Airport base. We speak to Thomas Hugo Møller, CEO and founder of the new airline.

As usual, we speak to a range of ground handlers from around the globe, to garner their thoughts on how the industry is faring, what they are doing to meet new demands and trends and find out what new initiatives they are implementing.

In this issue, we speak to Oman Aviation Services (page 24), Celebi Aviation (page 26), PrimeFlight (page 28), Airline Assistance Switzerland (page 30), GroundForce (page 32) and Antigua Airport Services (page 33).

In View from the Airports (page 34) we get the lowdown on what is happening at Miami International Airport, Berlin Brandenburg Airport and Gatwick Airport.

One ground handling sector changing fast due to its importance to passengers is catering. Airlines are doing everything they can to meet new demands for choice of high-quality food on board and we find out (page 38) what the emerging trends are and what is being done.

This issue also features an interview with aviation IT company Amadeus (page 42), as we speak to Stephan Hirmer, Head of Passenger Systems, about the different projects his company is running in the industry.

Lastly, we have a special report (page 45) by Michael Muzik, Senior Product Manager and Consultant at Lufthansa Systems, on how artificial intelligence and other new technology are changing turnaround management.

I hope you enjoy reading the issue.

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Featured in this issue

  • A New Beginning for ASA as New Leaders Take the Helm

    Airport Services Association (ASA) appointed Fabio Gamba as its new Director General in April and he spoke with ARGS at IGHC in Madrid about his plans in the hot seat The challenges that the ground...

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  • Safety, standards and innovation

    IATA called on the ground handling industry to focus on three priorities at IGHC in Madrid at the end of May, to ensure the industry meets future growing demand The International Air Transport Asso...

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  • ISAGO overhaul paying off and more plans are in the pipeline

    Overhauling the IATA Safety Audit of Ground Handling (ISAGO) has been a “game-changer” and plans are afoot for more change, delegates heard at IGHC. ISAGO was given a revamp by IATA in 2017 and...

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  • Swissport takes home IGHC Innovation Award

    Swissport was recognised with the 2019 Innovator Award 2019 at IGHC for its role in developing the ‘LiftSuit’. The ground handler said LiftSuit, a wearable exoskeleton, can help to prevent muscul...

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  • Africa’s shining carrier

    Ethiopian Airlines is the African continent’s biggest and fastest growing airline and its ground handling business unit extending its reach all the time, both regionally and internationally Ethio...

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  • The changing nature of connectivity

    Route development in the Middle East and Africa faces a difficult few years but new network models and infrastructure development will help airlines to thrive in a rapidly changing industry, writes Gr...

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  • Low-cost sector picking up pace in the Middle East

    The Middle East has for the last decade and a half been dominated by the big three: Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways but low-cost carriers (LCC) are beginning to make their mark and expand a...

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  • New Danish airlines takes to the skies

    Start-up carrier Great Dane Airlines has launched flights from Aalborg Airport in Denmark to Dublin, Nice and Edinburgh and is focused on starting small and growing gradually, writes Justin Burns T...

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  • Oman emerging from the shadows of its big neighbours

    Oman Aviation Services is expanding fast on the back of rising air traffic in Oman and the growth of Oman Air, write Justin Burns Oman’s air traffic has been increasing strongly over the years at...

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  • Turkish delight

    Celebi Aviation has made the big move this year to Istanbul’s new hub and continues its overseas expansion into new markets, writes Justin Burns Celebi Aviation has had a challenging year includi...

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  • Taking flight across the USA

    PrimeFlight Aviation Services focused on quality and is grows its footprint, writes Justin Burns PrimeFlight Aviation Services sees operational challenges in the rest of 2019 but on a more positive...

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  • The independent thinking handler

    Airline Assistance Switzerland only handles at Zurich Airport but is looking to expand and is taking an innovative approach to some challenges, writes Justin Burns Zurich-based independent ground h...

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  • Diligent planning the key to success

    Groundforce has had a demanding year as airline closures, growing air traffic and ATC strikes have impacted business Portugese ground handler Groundforce has been planning diligently to overcome th...

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  • Caribbean capacity crunch

    Airport Services Antigua is facing various headwinds but is optimistic for the future as there are plans on the island to improve infrastructure The rest of 2019 looks set to be challenging for Ant...

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  • Miami just keeps on growing

    Florida’s busiest gateway Miami International Airport goes from strength to strength and 2019 is set to be another record year Traffic continues to grow at Miami International Airport (MIA) and i...

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  • Berlin’s new hub finally on target for opening

    Berlin Brandenburg Airport has been plagued with construction and planning issues but is set to open in October 2020, eight years after it was meant to Development of Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BE...

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  • World’s busiest single runway airport looking to invest in technology

    Capacity at Gatwick Airport is always under pressure and in its five-year investment programme, the airport has identified a range of future projects it is planning, many utilising automation and tech...

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  • Recipes for success

    In-flight catering is not simply a case of feeding faces: today’s passengers demand a choice of high-quality, delicious, environmentally conscious cuisine, write Megan Ramsay “The global in-fli...

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  • Connecting the dots across the air travel chain

    As air traffic keeps on rising, investment in IT systems to enhance operational efficiency, performance and reduce costs is key to the success of ground handlers, airlines and airports alike, and Amad...

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  • Deep Turnaround: Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising turnaround management

    Artificial Intelligence and other new technology are changing turnaround management, writes Michael Muzik, Senior Product Manager and Consultant at Lufthansa Systems Air traffic is growing at an av...

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  • Skyserv chooses Amadeus platform to drive ground handling performance

    Greek ground handler Skyserv has chosen Amadeus’ Altéa Departure Control for Ground Handlers for its 37 airports to “ensure highly punctual services and to improve the passenger experience”. ...

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