Summer 2013

issue 15

In this issue of AGS we look into plane refuelling, we ask the big ground service providers what they believe lies ahead, review some IT advances in airline revenue management, try out some premium lounges for their comfort, ask for a legal opinion on new EU directives – and much more.

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Featured in this issue

  • What lies ahead?

    The provision of aircraft ground handling defines the way an aircraft is looked after while it is on the ground and for much of this time it will parked at a terminal gate of an airport, waiting to b...

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  • Containers can take the strain

     The use of unit load device (ULD) containers in the air cargo industry has long been the accepted way to prepack and load air freight on aircraft, safely, securely and quickly while also being able...

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  • Experience is more important than brand

    AIRBALTIC AirBaltic is a young, hybrid carrier that started out life as an airline for business travellers 20 years ago, transformed into a low-cost carrier and then finally reshaped itself into t...

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  • Lounge suits

    “Lounges add value to the flight product,” emphasises Birgitta Sandhaag, head of lounge product at the Scandinavian airline SAS. “It is very important for our VIP passengers: they need to feel s...

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  • Arinc on the up

     ARINC, the Maryland, US-headquartered specialist in communications and systems integration, is a big player in the aviation sector, offering numerous aerospace, airport and airline technologies. La...

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  • Revenue management: Are you sitting comfortably?

    Unbundling, which means charging their passengers separately for services such as baggage handling and meals, is a vitally important source of revenue for modern airlines. According to the annual Ama...

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  • The new EU rules on airport ground handling

    As I write this article, the new EU rules governing airport ground handling services took a step closer to becoming law. They face their final hurdle when the proposal comes once again before the Euro...

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  • Joining the world together

     The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Global Summit 2013 in Abu Dhabi brought together global figureheads from the airline industry, academics and show business personalities and a former U...

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  • One face fits all

    This is an airline that in today’s world of often incomprehensibly slick company branding has always been ‘what it says on the can’ in terms of recognition – Air Canada. It is Canada’s larg...

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  • Keeping the tanks topped up

     On-airport into-aircraft refuelling sounds simple – but it isn’t! The whole process starts at an oilfield in what is probably an extremely remote location and only ends when an aircraft has rec...

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