Spring 2020

issue 31

Welcome to the Spring 2020 issue of Airline Routes and Ground Services.

The coronavirus outbreak is, naturally, high on the agenda of those involved in air transport. David Smith examines the impact of this health crisis on aviation in China and the wider Asia region.

Also on a health note, Andrea Tolu discovers what is involved in ensuring food safety in airline catering.

Environmental concerns are another hot topic. Megan Ramsay considers the role of carbon offsetting in the fight against climate change, in the context of changing consumer choices. George Anjaparidze of Veritas Group stresses the importance of collaboration to ensure the sustainable future of aviation.

This issue also contains an outlook including perspectives from several industry figures regarding trends and developments in the face of seemingly relentless challenges. Despite the obstacles, there is a determinedly positive feeing in the air. For instance, many airlines are expanding as passenger demand is set to continue its upward trajectory – as Graham Newton finds in Europe.

Other airlines are faring less well: we provide an update on South African Airways’ restructuring. The flag-carrier’s future hung in the balance as ARGS went to press.

A key ongoing trend is the rise of technology in its various forms as an integral part of our lives. Martin Courtney investigates how blockchain could revolutionise air transport. Cyber safety, meanwhile, is the subject of a piece that discusses the impact of cyber threats on airports, aircraft and the aviation industry as a whole.

Finally, following on from last issue’s feature on women in the industry, we profile Shahfinaz Abd Wahid, head of quality assurance, safety and security at Malaysia’s AeroDarat Services.

With a new editor being lined up for the Summer 2020 edition, we are looking forward to the next step in the development of ARGS.

I hope you enjoy this first issue of the new decade.

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Featured in this issue

  • A flying shame

    Carbon offsetting is gaining momentum as a way for businesses – and individuals – to minimise their environmental impact. But is it enough, Megan Ramsay asks An easyJet spokesperson says: “We...

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  • A woman on a mission

    Described as “a strong-willed lady” known amongst the Kuala Lumpur International Airport community as “the anchor of safety” at AeroDarat Services (ADS), Shahfinaz Abd Wahid has played a key r...

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  • Blockchain primed for aviation industry take-off

    A new approach to data sharing will help airlines, airports and ground handling companies streamline their operations. Martin Courtney reports Blockchain is the record-keeping technology behind the...

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  • Cyber safety

    The aviation industry is renowned for its intense focus on safe working practices and is frequently held up as an example to be emulated. But in an increasingly digitised world, there are new challeng...

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  • Finding room to grow

    Europe’s many challenges have not yet dented route development for the determined, writes Graham Newton By 2035 it is estimated that more than a million European flights will have nowhere to go. ...

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  • Future focus

    The aviation industry managed to hold steady in 2019 – but as the challenges of last year remain unresolved and new threats emerge, how might 2020 turn out? The International Air Transport Associ...

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  • In-flight food safety

    Airline caterers’ understanding of best practice to prevent incidents of food-related illness among passengers has changed over the years but the need for constant vigilance remains as vital as ever...

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  • SAA set for restructure?

    South African Airways is in business rescue, but the future is still unclear These are troubled times for South African Airways (SAA). Once the powerhouse of the continent, the carrier has been red...

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  • The Crisis of contagion

    The coronavirus (COVID-19) is wreaking havoc on Chinese airlines – and there are major repercussions for the entire Asian aviation market, writes David Smith The impact of the coronavirus means t...

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  • Time for action

    George Anjaparidze, CEO and founder of Swiss economics and strategy think tank and advisory service Veritas Global, explains why a collaborative approach is urgently needed to ensure a sustainable fut...

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