Issue date 1 June 2012
issue number 14

With the EU discussing opening up particular markets for ramp and passenger services, with a mandate that there must be three handlers at major airports in Europe, these are interesting times for airline ground services, not least because of the economic environment. In this issue of AGS, there is confirmation from many that testify to the continuing challenging conditions in the aviation sector as a whole; volatile and optimistic seem to best describe the prospects for the remainder of 2012.

Against this backdrop, this issue of AGS looks at some encouraging examples of success for ground handlers around the world where emerging markets for airlines are indeed developing, especially in Africa and India. Technology continues to be a game changer with its impact not only on the departure experience for passengers but also in the cargo world, where shipments can be tracked from smartphones and other devices.

I hope you enjoy these and all the other interesting articles included in this issue of AGS.