issue 14

With the EU discussing opening up particular markets for ramp and passenger services, with a mandate that there must be three handlers at major airports in Europe, these are interesting times for airline ground services, not least because of the economic environment. In this issue of AGS, there is confirmation from many that testify to the continuing challenging conditions in the aviation sector as a whole; volatile and optimistic seem to best describe the prospects for the remainder of 2012.

Against this backdrop, this issue of AGS looks at some encouraging examples of success for ground handlers around the world where emerging markets for airlines are indeed developing, especially in Africa and India. Technology continues to be a game changer with its impact not only on the departure experience for passengers but also in the cargo world, where shipments can be tracked from smartphones and other devices.

I hope you enjoy these and all the other interesting articles included in this issue of AGS.

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  • Route development and buying in ground services

       As Anthony Beachey and Bernadeta Tendyra report, the quality, efficiency, effectiveness, profitability and safety of ground handling services can make or break a prospective route Route develo...

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  • One big family

    As David Smith reports, Texas-based Southwest Airlines has been the model for other carriers in the low-cost airline sector for years although it’s quite different in some respects. The business...

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  • The Scandinavian way

    Hans Bech, Chief of Airside Operations at SAS Ground Handling, highlights a picture of well-remunerated, well-treated and highly contented staff in Scandinavian countries. The SAS Ground Handling mana...

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  • Sky-high service

    Marcia MacLeod discovers that Virgin Atlantic likes to be different to its competitors. "So many airlines sell on price alone. Virgin Atlantic is different," emphasises Joe Thompson, general manage...

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  • Ramping it up

    As Keith Mwanalushi reports, while airlines turn to emerging markets in Africa and the Middle East for growth, ground handlers in these regions are faced with the added pressure to boost efficiency, d...

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  • Departing innovation

    Technology is transforming the departing passenger experience - Marcia MacLeod charts the latest trends and developments in this fast-moving sector Frequent flyers and other savvy passengers are no...

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  • Global perspectives

    AGS assesses the ground handling market by talking to three key players ***   BIIL looks to improve India’s ground handling offering With its antiquated airports and infrastructure,...

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  • Flying into profit

    [caption id="attachment_8075" align="alignleft" width="225"] OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[/caption] Since January 2011, AeroGround Flugenhafen Munich Airport has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Munich ...

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    In the first agreement of its kind involving a United Arab Emirates (UAE) airport, Ras Al-Khaimah International (RAK) has awarded a ground handling contract to Kuwaiti-based National Aviation Services...

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  • Airlines use sophisticated global networks to meet their catering needs, as Michael King discovers

    Airlines use sophisticated global networks to meet their catering needs, as Michael King discovers Airlines have a profusion of means by which they can meet the highly varied and complex catering r...

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  • How to deal with threats of claims for negligence and breach of contract

    By Phil Walton (Partner in Mundays Corporate/Commercial Department) And Oliver Jackson (Senior Associate in Mundays Dispute Resolution Department)   The aim of this article is to give practical...

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