SUMMER 2015 / AUTUMN 2015

issue 19

In this edition we take a look at consolidation among both airlines and handlers, as mergers and acquisitions continue to shape the aviation industry. Meanwhile, carriers are thinking creatively, using partnerships to build better networks and expand their reach into new markets around the world.

We hear comments on the subject of ground damage – and who pays for it. This theme is picked up again as AGS examines developments relating to IATA’s Ground Operations Manual – and looks ahead to the imminent 28th IGHC.

We consider how IT-based services benefit numerous sectors of the aviation world, as well as examining the role of IT and logistics in airline catering. We also take an overview of developments in the Asia Pacific handling market, and we hear from TCR, which recently expanded its presence in Scandinavia.

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  • Working together: Mergers and acquisitions

    There are four large, primarily full-service airline groups in Europe. Air France-KLM, International Airlines Group (IAG), Lufthansa Group and SAS Group have all grown over the years through mergers a...

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  • Carriers think smart

      This is the age of the alliance. A handful of Middle Eastern carriers apart, most airlines in the world don’t have unlimited budgets and fleets of spare aircraft with which to pursue t...

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  • Handlers start to get it together

     Once highly fragmented, and in many respects one of the hidden sectors of aviation, the airport ground handling industry has started to coalesce in the last few years. A recent report by the CAPA C...

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  • Ground damage – Who pays?

    I was fortunate enough to speak last year at the Preventing Aircraft Damage (PAD) conference in Dublin, about the contribution aviation insurance makes towards the huge costs incurred by the aviation...

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  • The fusion of catering & logistics

     With more than three billion passengers flying a year, the scale of global catering operations is mind-boggling. A single long-haul Boeing 747 has over 40,000 items loaded onto it before it flies a...

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  • Asia pacific round – up

     The biggest ground services groups have a relatively limited presence in the Asia Pacific region so far. Swissport International has only a handful of operations, at Tokyo Narita, Nagoya and Osaka ...

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  • IT connects aviation with it’s customers

    The role of information technology (IT) in modern aviation falls neatly into two specific areas of interest. The first is aircraft and airport safety and aircraft communications and operations, while...

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  • Scandinavia Expansion

    In February TCR inaugurated its Swedish affiliate under a long-term agreement with SAS at three Swedish airports (Stockholm Arlanda, Göteborg Landvetter and Malmö). The deal includes three workshops...

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  • Sharing best practice

    It is the nature of the airline ground services business that much of the vital work done to keep the aviation system functioning smoothly is largely out of the public eye. Nevertheless, there are a n...

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