Summer 2018

Issue date 9 April 2018
issue number 25

Welcome to the Summer 2018 edition of Airline Ground Services.
This issue was produced in the run-up to the 31st IATA Ground Handling Conference, taking place in Doha on 22-25 April. The association’s Ground Ops team gives us a flavour of what to expect from the gathering – and we bring you interviews from co-hosts Qatar Airways and Qatar Aviation Services.
We also cover the impending entry into force of IATA’s Resolution 753 on baggage tracking. Will the industry be ready in time?
Our regional round-ups for Summer focus on Africa and Europe. While German handler AeroGround gives a particular insight into that market while, many miles away, Malaysia’s Pos Aviation has ambitious plans.
Another topic in this issue is centralised load control, which we consider alongside IATA’s initiative to develop a common Weight & Balance Information Centre.
Readers will also find articles on the importance of ensuring a pleasing aircraft cabin environment; developments in line maintenance; the demands of first-class travellers when it comes to luxury lounges; and how to handle misconnected passengers – as well as disruptive ones.
Finally, we take a look at the place of digital collaboration and consumer technology in today’s ground handling sector.

Happy reading!