issue 13

In an increasingly low cost world thank goodness that there are still some who regard top quality as a service prerequisite and these people are willing to pay a decent price to get the standard of quality they want.

But it is actually a delicate balancing act, we discover, when talking to a procurement director at British Airways. Weighing up the level of quality you can obtain against the price that you are being asked to pay enables you to calculate the real cost of the service you want to obtain.

Also in this issue, three of the world’s low cost airlines state their belief that quality need not always come with a high price, as they explain how their ‘low fat’ business models and active staff training schemes ensure that the passenger gets good value when they buy a ticket.

How do they manage it? Well, the correct implementation of the right type of IT systems will steer any airline down the right path to success, discovers journalist Marcia MacLeod as she looks at how modern technology is helping those who know how to make the best use of it.

Widely acknowledged as the most successful investor of recent times, American business magnate Warren Buffett said: “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

It all stacks up to an interesting and high value read in this issue of Airline Ground Services.

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  • Counting the true cost of safety and quality

    When it comes to shopping for airline ground handling services, Airline Ground Services editor Ian Martin Jones discovers from a long-time airline professional that the price tag is way down the list ...

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  • A balancing act: the market for ground handling services

    Airport operators are seeing greater benefits by restructuring their in-house ground handling activities to form fully owned subsidiaries. New regulations particularly in Europe are giving airport ope...

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  • Mergers drive a consolidated effort

    As consolidation continues particularly amongst European-based ground handlers, Keith Mwanalushi discovers that these newly merged operations are looking to enhance efficiency while navigating throug...

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  • Best practice for the best results

    [caption id="attachment_8105" align="alignleft" width="211"] Tony Tyler photo 3 - high resolution[/caption] The International Air Transport Association (IATA) explains why efficiency gains and comp...

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    [caption id="attachment_8109" align="alignleft" width="300"] ÈSA: letištì Ruzynì, pøistání na dráhu 24, A 319-112, OK-PET[/caption] AIRLINE PROFIE/CZECH AIRLINES Severe financial pressur...

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  • Handling it

    Thanks to technological advances like online check-in and remote printing of boarding passes, air travel has changed beyond recognition over the past 10 years, observes Marcia MacLeod The use of in...

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  • Friends reunited: the quick way to track lost luggage

      Entrepreneur Martin Banbury is a man with an ambition to make the everyday life of the airline frequent traveller just that little bit less stressful. With a group of industry experts he...

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  • Low cost: high quality

    AGS talks to three low cost carriers where driving down the cost to the paying passenger does not mean they will receive anything less than a great deal from the airline – certainly in terms of the ...

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  • Exploring new avenues of business

    Airline ground services providers are always looking for new avenues of business, fresh and innovative ways of making money. Ian Martin Jones discovers that WFS has found a suitable venture to flex it...

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  • Joining forces – the rise of the airline alliance

      The global recession and rising fuel prices have had a major impact on trends in global route. Financial pressures have forced the strengthening of links between global airlines, as well...

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