WINTER 2014 / SPRING 2015

issue 18

Despite all the geopolitical and economic shocks, the aviation industry has proved its resilience in 2014. For example, we had Boeing raising its annual profit forecast in October at the height of the ISIS and Russia-Ukraine crises. A bumper order for 100 737 MAX 200 aircraft from Ryanair had Boeing announcing that it would be raising the numbers of its latest, fuel-efficient version of the aircraft in 2018. Nothing cheers the industry more or faster than substantial orders for new aircraft!

The lighter side of human factors and safety management comes to the fore with Janet Wallace of Air Canada discussing these critical issues and we talk to leading ground handlers around the world about the challenges they face, both locally and globally.

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  • Industry overview

      One of the astonishing things about the commercial airline business is the paradoxical way it is characterised by both rapid change and stubborn resistance to change. This is particularly evident...

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  • Routes manoevure

     For Finland’s Finnair, the major advantage is its geographical location in Helsinki on the flight path to Asia. The level of traffic passing through Helsinki en route to Asia allows the national ...

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  • Training excellence

      IATA: supporting the industry “Based on IATA initiatives, recommended practices and manuals, namely ISAGO, AHM, IGOM, we try to support the ground handlers and the airlines through structured tr...

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  • Handling challenges worldwide

     CrossRacer Group Established in 1992, Buenos Aires-headquartered CrossRacer Group offers a range of services under three separate divisions. The three divisions act as independent companies, but p...

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  • Aviation forges ahead with innovative it upgrades

     Airports, airlines and ground services companies have continued to make significant investments in upgrading their information and communications technology (ICT) provision in 2014 as they look to ...

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  • Top of the food chain

    [caption id="attachment_6211" align="alignleft" width="300"] AGS: What makes your service stand out from that of other companies?[/caption] LSG: Beyond the fact that we have the largest network in o...

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  • Change in the air

     The Russian onboard catering industry is on the verge of big changes, as the country’s leading airlines, among which are Transaero, Aeroflot and VIM Airlines, have announced their plans to invest...

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  • Helping ‘Lost’ become ‘Found’

    There are a number of causes. Bags fall off conveyor belts or dollies; bag tags are damaged or missing so they can’t be scanned; baggage systems suffer mechanical breakdowns; and check-in or loadin...

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  • Human factors, Nano-codes and Sims… Oh my!

    In his poem An Essay on Criticism Alexander Pope gave us some very profound statements about human beings. ‘A little learning is a dangerous thing,’ ‘Fools rush in where angels fear to tread,�...

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  • Working together for safety

    With the introduction of a new safety management system, the need for impartiality and the roles of local managers have evolved. Head of Ground Operations, Eddie Evans says, “It was always viewed tr...

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