WINTER 2016 / SPRING 2017

issue 22

This issue we speak to the heads of two of the big handlers – Swissport and WFS – to see how each of them is settling in to their roles: Eric Born became CEO of Swissport about a year ago while Craig Smyth joined WFS much more recently, in August.

We also look at several aspects of baggage handling, following on from our update on IATA’s resolution 753 in the Summer edition. We consider not just lost luggage and some of the ways it can be minimised, but the problem of damaged luggage too.

We hope you find something to inspire you as we move towards 2017. It seems likely to be a year of significant change for the world at large, and potentially for our industry too.

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Featured in this issue

  • Fertile soil

     Eric Born took up the post of CEO of global handler Swissport on 1 August 2015. He talks to AGS about his first year in that role and how he sees the company – and the industry – going forwar...

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  • Where next?

    Anthony Harrington looks at some of the latest developments in the ground handling sector and where they might lead The ground handling sector had no choice other than to come into being as a ...

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  • Upgrading

      One of the ‘big four’ handlers, WFS, appointed a new CEO just a few months ago – and he has clear plans for the company’s growth in the years to come Craig Smyth joined WFS in August after...

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  • Diverse strategies

    David Smith investigates how two of the big ground handlers are making the most of opportunities for growth across Asia The Asian aviation market has proved difficult to crack for the giants of th...

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  • Staying the pace

     The ground handling world is changing fast. In Europe, the liberalisation of the market that began in 1999 has led to a host of new providers, but the big players remain dominant. Meanwhile, there ...

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  • No such thing as a free lunch

     The airline industry has changed out of all recognition since the turn of the century – and perhaps no aspect of it more so than onboard catering From a world in which in-flight food was seen ...

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  • Navigating the Twitter storm

     Used correctly, social media can be a very powerful tool for the airline industry – but it can also be a tool of chastisement In this social media age we’re constantly bombarded with alerts ...

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  • Lost and found

      Used correctly, social media can be a very powerful tool for the airline industry – but it can also be a tool of chastisement The SITA Baggage Report 2015 claims that the air transport industry...

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  • Quick fix

    Damaged baggage costs the airline industry millions of dollars every year as bags and cases have to be replaced, fast – not to mention the potential damage to a carrier’s reputation. One consultan...

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  • Airport technology trends for 2017

     Mobile apps, IoT, cyber security, self-service platforms and analytics are all set for widespread deployment, writes Martin Courtney Airport IT supplier SITA estimates that global airport expend...

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  • Satisfaction

    One provider of IT solutions to the travel sector is keeping a step ahead of changing industry – and customer – requirements Andrew Price, head of global baggage operations at IATA, remarks...

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  • Russia: on the verge of big changes

    The Russian government has officially approved a package of measures aimed attightening control over ground handling activities at the country’s airports, as well as raising their quality,according ...

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