Winter 2019

issue 30

Welcome to the Winter 2019 edition of Airline Routes & Ground Services.

This issue features a one-to-one interview with Finnair’s Chief Commercial Officer, Ole Orvér. He shares his thoughts on recent route developments, strategic partnerships and a green aviation agenda.

We have a European low-cost carrier (LCC) overview, with a focus on Ryanair and Norwegian. Using two different models, these airlines look set to face contrasting fortunes as we move into the new year.

Route development in this issue focuses on the Americas, noting how regulatory restraints and growing airport congestion could both come to have a significant impact on airline activities in the region.

Our airport spotlight this issue is on Billund Airport, Vienna Airport and Luxivair San Bernadino, covering topics such as airport competition, employee strike action and drone threats.

Also included in this issue is a review of the AGS Global Networking Summit 2019, an event which saw a multitude of ground service providers come together to discuss the state and future direction of the industry.

Speaking of ground service providers, this issue features an exclusive interview with Menzies Aviation CEO Giles Wilson, touching on issues such as innovation, the green revolution and market consolidation.

Swissport Senior Communications Manager Stefan Hartung has some interesting insights on the green revolution, predictive technology and employee satisfaction, in a wide-ranging interview about the Swiss ground handling giant. Justin Burns tackles the topic of gender diversity in aviation, talking to Nikki Ozols and Tammy McKenzie, two key figures at TUI Aviation, about their thoughts on the matter.

Meghan Ramsey investigates the services for passengers with restricted mobility (PRM) at Atlanta and Heathrow Airports, looking at issues such as technology and an ageing population.

George Anjaparidze takes a look at the Carbon Offset and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA), and what this means for the aviation industry in the short-to-medium term.

And finally, a report by engineering firm Thornton Tomasetti and not-for-profit Resilience First examines the ways in which airport communities can change and adapt to maximise their potential in a changing world.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue.

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Featured in this issue

  • Q&A with Finnair’s Chief Commercial Officer, Ole Orvér.

    How has your geographical position influenced route developments over the past few years? Helsinki occupies a unique position on the flight path between Europe, the Far East and Asia. On average, f...

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  • Mixed fortunes

    Two of Europe’s largest low-cost European airlines face very different outlooks for 2020. Ryanair looks likely to overtake Lufthansa this year as Europe’s biggest airline by passenger numbers. ...

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  • The fine balance between demand and supply

    The Americas are enjoying solid growth, but route development could be affected by airport congestion and regulatory restraints, writes Graham Newton. Aviation’s focus has tended to fall eastward...

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  • Vienna Airport

    Vienna International Airport (VIE) handled 27 million passengers for the first time last year, riding a wave of traffic growth that looks set to see it surpass 30 million passengers in 2019. Julian...

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  • Industry stakeholders need to collaborate more effectively

    The 2nd AGS Global Networking Summit took place in September in London and saw business relationships enhanced, business discussed, and pertinent issues debated. The 2nd AGS Global Networking Summi...

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  • Striking out alone

    Despite facing challenging market conditions, Menzies Aviation is optimistic about its future as a standalone aviation services business company, writes Will Hayes. This year may have seen the demi...

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  • A global player

    Earlier this year, Swissport looked on the verge of being sold, with Reuters reporting that “everyone in the world” was looking at what Chinese owner HNA would do with the world’s leading ground...

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  • TUI Aviation setting the bar for gender diversity

    Ground handling is not the most gender diverse aviation industry sector but TUI Aviation is bucking the trend and has women in key operational roles, write Justin Burns. Women have played a pivotal...

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  • Facilitating independence

    Busy airports around the world are working hard to take care of every traveller that passes through their terminals, including those passengers whose mobility is restricted in some way, writes Meghan ...

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  • Change of CORSIA

    The latest policy brief from the Harvard Project on Climate Agreements provides rare insight into the inner workings of the airline industry. The extraordinary agreement on international aviation expl...

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  • Luxivair SBD

    San Bernadino international Airport (SBD) and it’s fixed-base operator (FBO), Luxivair SBD, hit headlines recently for showcasing the depth of its commitment to environmentally friendly practices. ...

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  • Airports, take note: how to put resilience first

    Airports face a range of challenges in a rapidly shifting modern environment: from climate change to technology, and even within their own communities. A report by Thornton Tomasetti and Resilience Fi...

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