Winter 2020

issue 34

It’s the best news we’ve have since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. At the time of going to press with ARGS there are now three potential vaccines to the virus awaiting final clearance before mass global distribution.

And while there is still much work to be done and many hurdles to overcome in the ongoing fight against the virus, it feels a sense of optimism is emerging which should be grabbed in both hands by the aviation industry after such an appalling year.

While IATA might have sent out advice to ground handlers on how best to handle any vaccine (page 46), there are companies already way ahead of the curve: on page 42 you can read how Menzies Aviation is already making preparations for just such an event.

The preparations are one of the many changes the ground handler has made as, like the rest of the aviation industry, it learns how to cope with a pandemic.

Malaysia’s POS Aviation has also had to adapt a number of new practices in order to deal with the situation which CEO Woo Kam Weng reveals on page 40.

Meanwhile, in Europe Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary has found new ways to be furious with the authorities and how they have handled Covid-19 on the continent (page 4).

Elsewhere, jetBlue boss Robin Hayes has surprised himself and many others with the launch of 60 new routes during the pandemic (page 12), although north of the border, Air Canada is faces having to close even more routes than that (page 22).

A panel debate at this year’s Virtual WTM reveals there is life after the pandemic (page 16) while Berlin Brandenburg Airport has finally opened to the public after nearly a decade of delays (page 30).

Even the Boeing 737 Max could soon be a common sight in the skies again, following the FAA’s decision to allow it to fly again (page 36).

So there is good news out there, even if it is a little hard to find. But in 2020, I’ll cling on to anything we’ve got and hope you do too.

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  • A shot in the arm?

    Like the rest of the aviation industry, Menzies Aviation has had to adapt to the ongoing demands of Covid-19 although a potential new vaccine could help it. Edward Robertson reports. By Edward Robe...

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  • An optimistic tale

    JetBlue has faced the same pain as airlines around the world during the pandemic but has still launched 60 new routes. Edward Robertson finds out how. For the majority of airlines, the Covid-19 vir...

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  • Berlin Brandenburg opens its gates

    After a delay of nearly a decade, Berlin Brandenburg Airport is finally open for business and is serving the German capital’s entire aviation needs. Edward Robertson reports Berlin Brandenburg Ai...

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  • Cold comfort

    With a number of Covid-19 vaccines potentially ready for general release, the aviation industry is going to have to move quickly to ensure it is capable of distributing it globally By Edward Robert...

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  • Fighting form

    Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has a whole new list of grievances as Covid-19 strikes European aviation By Edward Robertson If people really are supposed to mellow with age, it seems no-one has ...

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  • New routes to financial success

    With IATA now predicting a $100 billion loss for airlines in 2020 thanks to Covid-19, the aviation route development industry is facing a shake-up as airlines move to generate profits again as quickly...

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  • North America’s mixed messages

    While the first glimmers of light are appearing in the US market, the Canadian government has only just begun bail-out talks with its own aviation industry. Edward Robertson reports Start spreading...

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  • Positive reactions

    Like ground handlers across the world, POS Aviation has moved quickly to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic. Edward Robertson reports Despite its proximity to the source of the Covid-19 outbreak, China...

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  • Preparing for a pandemic

    Despite preparations dating back 17 years, there were plenty of new lessons for staff at DFW International Airport to learn when Covid-19 struck By Edward Robertson For the staff of DFW Internat...

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  • Return of the Max

    With safety approval for the Boeing 737 Max now granted by the FAA, Ascend by Cirium senior consultant Max Kingsley-Jones examines the impact its return to the skies will have The Boeing 737’s 50...

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  • Viral loads

    Like many airlines RwandAir has been hard hit by the Covid-19 crisis, although its cargo operations have proved to be a lifeline during the ongoing issues By Edward Robertson As the aviation ind...

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