Japan Airlines and China Eastern aiming to appy for a joint business agreement

posted on 2nd August 2018 by Justin Burns
Japan Airlines and China Eastern aiming to appy for a joint business agreement

Japan Airlines (JAL) and China Eastern Airlines have signed a memorandum of understanding to pursue a joint business agreement and hope it will improve customer convenience and enhance the quality of services they both provide.

In 2002, the two airlines began offering codeshare flights between Japan and China but now they are going further, and are aiming to strengthen their ties within the 2019 financial year.

The agreement plans to include JAL’s domestic network featuring over 50 cities in Japan and China Eastern’s more than 80 domestic routes in China.

JAL chairman, Yoshiharu Ueki said the carriers plan to broaden their partnership in each market and will look to bring “more benefits, more choices, and more value to customers”.

He added: “We believe this partnership will generate more passenger traffic between the two countries and open up commercial opportunities.”

The companies will now review regulatory conditions and apply for a joint business agreement through the relevant aviation authorities.

If approved, China Eastern and JAL will seek to deliver convenient travel options to customers with a comprehensive network throughout China and Japan.

China Eastern Airlines president, Ma Xulun said: “The joint business between China Eastern Airlines and Japan Airlines is a new cooperation on the basis of the broad market prospect in Sino-Japanese routes and the cooperation development trend in global civil aviation industry.”

He added: “This is the common strategic choice for both of us facing the future and customers. This cooperation will inject fresh dynamic into the aviation market of China and Japan, and benefit not only the development of our two airlines, but also the people between the two sides achieving great results.”