Jill Soltau To Join Southwest Airlines’ Board of Directors

posted on 2nd February 2023 by Eddie Saunders
Jill Soltau To Join Southwest Airlines’ Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Southwest Airlines Co. has appointed Jill Soltau as a member of the Board, effective February 15.

Soltau, along with the other Board nominees, will be on the ballot for the Southwest Airlines 2023 Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

Soltau served as the Chief Executive Officer of J. C. Penney Company, Inc. from 2018 through 2020.

At the time of her appointment at JCPenney’s, she was one of 24 women leading a Fortune 500 company.

Through the COVID-19 global pandemic, she successfully led JCPenney’s emergence from a Chapter 11 restructuring process as a private company.

Soltau previously served as President and Chief Executive Officer of privately held JoAnn Stores, Inc., leading the nation’s largest fabric and crafts retailer from 2015 – 2018.

“Jill is a transformational and innovative leader with vast experience and a proven track record of success throughout her career,” said Gary Kelly, Executive Chairman of the Board for Southwest Airlines.

“She brings valuable experience leading companies and in her work advising Boards on a number of critical issues in today’s environment, including areas across DE&I, sustainability, risk management, strategy & development, finance, customer experience, operations, and technology.

“We’re delighted to onboard Jill—as well as several other key additions in the last couple years—as part of our ongoing efforts to bring a wide range of thoughts, perspectives, experience, and diversity to complement our talented Board of Directors.”