Karim Grinate is promoted to VP Component Sales at APOC Aviation

posted on 17th June 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Karim Grinate is promoted to VP Component Sales at APOC Aviation

APOC Aviation has promoted Karim Grinate to the position of VP Component Sales. Previously Manager – Sales & Business Development, Grinate has been with APOC for just over a year. His new position recognises the processes and structures he has put in place to streamline the sales team and his focus on enlarging the customer base across targeted ATA Chapters and global regions.

Grinate is responsible not only for the commercial success of the component sales division at APOC Aviation, but also for the stock breakdown and compatibility with customers worldwide.

From the moment I joined APOC Aviation my priority has been to maximise efficiency, select the right items from our tear down projects and decide which units to invest in.” he says.  “We need to be active in the marketplace so we can evaluate every possible opportunity and the team sell (or exchange/lease/loan) all of the rotables/components coming from each project, apart from landing gear and engines which are handled by their own sales experts.”

Each member of Grinate’s team is matched to expertise and product knowledge. Major assets like APUs, nacelles, actuators, wheels and brakes have their own sales specialist with market insight and knowledge of high quality repair shops as situations dictate. The right person is also matched to the right customer as much as possible. “I’m mindful of language, culture, time-zone and chemistrysmiles Grinate. “It all helps to foster great relationships.”