Korean Air B777 struck on runway by Asiana Airlines A330

posted on 27th June 2018 by Justin Burns

A Korean Air Boeing 777 sustained substantial damage to the rear underside of the fuselage after being struck by an Asiana Airlines Airbus A330 on the runway at Seoul-Gimpo Airport, South Korea.

The incident took place yesterday (26 June) at 08:00h (local time). There were no casualties or injuries.

The Aviation Safety Network reported: “At the time of the incident, the A330, HL8286, was being towed from parking spot 228 to gate 39. At the same time, the Boeing 777 was being towed from parking spot 230 to gate 35. The Boeing 777 had stopped on the apron at the intermediate holding position opposite of gate 35.

“The A330 was then towed behind it over taxiway N3. The right hand winglet of the Airbus then impacted the horizontal stabilizer and underside of the rear fuselage of the Boeing 777.”