Korean Air comes together to guarantee your safe journey

posted on 30th June 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Korean Air comes together to guarantee your safe journey

On June 29, Korean Air employees and executives participated in disinfecting an aircraft at the airline’s headquarters in Seoul to show their commitment to delivering a safe environment onboard. 

About 30 employees and executives, including Korean Air Chairman Walter Cho, voluntarily participated in the disinfection work of a A330-300 aircraft that completed its flight on the Jeju-Gimpo route on June 28. 

After receiving training on safety guidelines and cabin disinfection methods, they meticulously and thoroughly cleaned the seats, armrests, seat belts and meal tables as well as windows and toilets using cleaning cloths and disinfectant.

Chairman Walter Cho said, “Korean Air puts the health and safety of its passengers as our top priority. Executives and employees have come together to assure customers of our dedication to delivering an even safer in-flight environment.”

Korean Air maintains safe flights by thoroughly disinfecting all its aircraft. The airline carries out disinfection more often than the legal requirements. Domestic flights are disinfected more than once a week, and additional disinfection work is performed on all international flights arriving at Incheon International Airport and those departing from Incheon to the Americas. 

In addition, if a passenger shows symptoms of COVID-19, the aircraft is isolated and undergoes a special disinfection process.

Korean Air disinfects using MD-125, a sterilization product approved by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is known as an effective product to eliminate COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Korean Air has been implementing various measures for the safe travel of customers. On June 10, the airline introduced a “back to front” zone boarding system in which passengers seated at the back of the aircraft are boarded first to minimize interaction between passengers.

The airline also checks the temperatures of all passengers before boarding their flight. On board, cabin crews work in protective gowns, goggles and masks, and all passengers are required to wear face masks during the flight. Hand sanitizer is also available at the airport and on the aircraft.