Korean Air rolls out Inter-Airline Through Check-In Services with Asiana Airlines

posted on 15th December 2020 by Parveen Raja
Korean Air rolls out Inter-Airline Through Check-In Services with Asiana Airlines

Korean Air will start IATCI (Inter-Airline Through Check-In) service with Asiana Airlines on December 15.

IATCI is a service  that allows passengers to transfer their baggage to their final destination, issue a boarding pass and assign a seat for the connecting flight while checking in with the first airline.

Korean Air currently provides IATCI services for major  global airlines, but not for Asiana Airlines. As a result, transit passengers flying with the two airlines in the same trip had to go through the inconvenience of visiting the connecting  airline’s transit counter at the intermediate airport in order to receive a boarding pass.

For example, passengers travelling from Boston to Almaty, Kazakhstan, via Incheon, with Korean Air and Asiana Airlines respectively, have had to receive boarding passes from two separate counters; the Korean Air counter at Boston Airport and Asiana Airlines’ transit counter at Incheon International Airport.

However, from December 15, passengers will be able to connect the baggage as well as check in, assign a seat and issue a boarding pass for the final flight in Boston.

With the implementation of the service, transit passengers using both Korean Air and Asiana Airlines would benefit from convenient customer services. Check-in for connecting flights is available 48 hours prior to departure, and the number of transit passengers between the two airlines at Incheon International Airport was approximately 12,000 in 2019.

Korean Air currently has IATCI agreement with 49 major global airlines, including its joint venture partner Delta Air Lines.

Preparing for the integration, Korean Air and Asiana Airlines will continue to develop services to enhance customer benefits.