Lofty Crossrail to Heathrow fares to be capped at standard Tube rates

posted on 7th July 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Lofty Crossrail to Heathrow fares to be capped at standard Tube rates

By Millie Turner |

Airport passengers using London’s Crossrail will have higher fares which could be capped at the standard rates for the Tube, according to reports.

Passengers travelling to Heathrow will be charged a premium rate compared with the same journey on the tube.

However, if passengers make other journeys using the Transport for London (TfL) network within 24 hours, the fare will be capped at £13.50, the Evening Standard first reported.

Crossrail, to be known as the Elizabeth line, will host nine new stations across the capital – the first of which, called Moorgate, opened just yesterday.

Managing director of the London Underground, Andy Lord, explained that the Elizabeth line, apart from Heathrow, would be no more expensive than the tube or the national rail network.

Lord added that a different fare structure to TfL for the Elizabeth line would be “logistically complex” – particularly for customers using both networks in the same trip.

“We will keep it under review, but at the moment the intent is that it will be the same.”

The £18.7bn line should have an opening date within the next two to three months, Crossrail bosses said.

TfL has said it will open in the first half of 2022 – around three-and-a-half years late.

Ticket fares to and from Heathrow from other Crossrail stations are also expected to have a premium, but are yet to be confirmed.