London City Airport is next target for Extinction Rebellion

posted on 9th October 2019 by Eddie Saunders
London City Airport is next target for Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion are planning to shut down London City Airport for three full days from Thursday morning claiming the occupation will ‘transform City Airport into another protest site of the International Rebellion

“London City Airport is planning to roughly double its numbers of flights. It is located in a highly built up area meaning that its flights cause a lot of noise-misery as well, of course, as climate-deadly pollution.” Says Rupert Read a Extinction Rebellion spokesperson.

“It is used disproportionately by private jets and by financiers, business people and other members of the polluter elite flying in and out of the City of London, when often they could do what they need just as well by using digital telecommunications. This has to stop and Extinction Rebellion are here to stop it.”

Inspiration for the protest is said to be the Hong Kong occupation back in august which saw one of Asia’s busiest transport hubs crippled for several days.

“ We continue to work closely with the Metropolitan Police to prepare for the threat of Extinction Rebellion protests.” A spokesman for the airport said.

“All passengers travelling for the remainder of this week will be required to show their boarding pass to access the terminal. We’d like to thank passengers in advance for their patience and recommend that they check the status of their flights with their airline, before travelling to the airport.

“Climate change is a global challenge and we remain committed to building a more sustainable future for the airport and the aviation industry, ensuring that we are playing our part in meeting the UK’s 2050 carbon objectives.”