London Southend Airport continues to invest into future

The latest investment by London Southend Airport has now been completed with two new baggage x-ray machines able to process up to 3,600 bags every hour.

The airport recently announced a new trial lane within security which allows passengers to leave liquids and laptops within bags taken onboard their flight, but what about luggage which is checked into the hold?

Your bags journey is as exciting as your own, from when you place your luggage on the conveyor at check in – once out of sight a maze of over 300 metres of conveyors transport it through security screening to be processed for your flight.

The X-ray screening equipment (HI-SCAN 10080 XCT) developed by Smiths Detection is the next generation high speed checked baggage system. The data generated provides the highest resolution images possible to optimise detection performance whilst also offering 3D technology. Each machine can process up to 1,800 bags per hour and with two available 3,600 bags can be checked ready to fly.

Various roles come into play behind the scenes to create a seamless journey, from security checks to safely loading, the skilled team work together to ensure your bags journey is as quick and easy as your own.

Robson were contracted to supply the conveyor system as well as local businesses to complete the installation.

Glyn Jones, CEO, London Southend Airport: “The aviation industry is one of the worst hit by the pandemic, challenges remain yet we are pleased to welcome passengers to the airport and continue to invest into our excellent customer experience.

“As travel restrictions ease, so too will passenger confidence and demand, we believe the airport has a bright future and continue to invest to bring local economic benefits, from connectivity to employment.

“The new hold bag system will ensure efficiency when processing passengers bags onto flights whilst maximising security via new x-ray screening technology.”

Richard Thompson, Global Director for Aviation, Smiths Detection: “We are delighted that London Southend Airport chose us as their partner to deploy the latest and highest specification security screening equipment.

“These systems will provide operational efficiencies and passenger experience improvements behind the scenes, all of which will be invaluable both as air travel picks up and many years into the future.”