London Southend Airport hopes to revive connection from Dinard to London

London Southend Airport continues to circle several target destinations and has most recently set its sights on a previously well-embedded London O&D market.

Serving more than half a million passengers between 2013 to 2020, the French commune of Dinard has earned its place amongst London airports as a proven, profitable destination choice for airlines.

However, there is currently no scheduled service from London to the seaside resort along the Emerald Coast, which hosts prestigious events such as the Dinard Festival of British Cinema and attracts a variety of famous visitors and residents.

Business Development Director Nigel Mayes said: “There’s a number of French cities that previously had service to London and don’t anymore, such as Dinard, Groningen, Renne and Caen.

“They all had a similar ATR market, drove really good volumes of load factors and were highly profitable services.

“Now those destinations have lost their connectivity to one of the world’s largest markets, and London Southend wants to be that access point.”

“The unclaimed route between London Southend and Dinard is a profitable and stylish possibility for airlines.

“The Emerald Coast is one of France’s most fashionable seaside resorts, with an array of bars and restaurants, a golf course and casino – not forgetting Normandy’s magnificent tidal island abbey, Mont Sant-Michel.

“We want to tap into this potential as an easy win for airlines. Its reputation as the ‘Cannes of the North’ appeals to tourists and luxury travellers alike.

“Is it possible for London Southend to bring this route to life? Yes, we Cannes.”