LuckyTrip goes live on the easyJet app

posted on 22nd May 2018 by Justin Burns
LuckyTrip goes live on the easyJet app

Low-cost carrier easyJet has launched LuckyTrip onto its iOS mobile app which it says will make it easier for customers to find the “perfect trip”.

LuckyTrip enables travellers to find a unique trip tailored to their needs with just one tap, applying filters to fit their preferences such as a relaxing beach holiday or an active city break, and letting the app provide the ideal flights, destination, hotel and even activity.

If the traveller is looking for inspiration, they can simply select their budget and tap ‘Lucky’ to see one of hundreds of trips across Europe.

The airline’s mobile app has been downloaded more than 25 million times, and the airline is confident the addition of LuckyTrip, awarded ‘best app of the year’ by Apple, will help make the digital holiday booking experience easier than ever before for our customers.

LuckyTrip is one of a number of portfolio companies from corporate backed accelerator and incubator, Founders Factory run by Brent Hoberman and Henry Lane-Fox. easyJet launched its partnership with Founders Factory in order to stay at the forfront of travel-tech and to support  disruptive startups such as LuckyTrip catapult growth across Europe and beyond.

Director of digital and marketing, James Millett said: “easyJet is really excited to have launched LuckyTrip on our iOS mobile app, providing a brand new and innovative experience for our customers to book their perfect trips.

“LuckyTrip is one of the fantastic companies Founders Factory and easyJet are supporting as it addresses strategic opportunities within the travel industry, helping to keep easyJet at the forefront of travel tech.”

LuckyTrip chief executive officer, Tiff Burns said: “We started LuckyTrip in the kitchen of our flat in Hackney just a couple of years ago – we’re now the fastest growing travel inspiration app in Europe. Our mission is to inspire people to see the worlds hidden gems in the tap of a button.

“The more unique the better – think pink beaches, haunted forests, secret lagoons, that’s what LuckyTrip is all about. Partnering with easyJet is a big milestone for us and we’re excited to bring the LuckyTrip experience to millions of new customers.”