Lufthansa CEO: aviation are ‘good guys of globalisation’

posted on 22nd June 2018 by yumna
Lufthansa CEO: aviation are 'good guys of globalisation'

Globalisation is currently ‘under stress’, according to Lufthansa’s CEO, Carsten Spohr as monumental politcal shifts and divides have characterized European life and industry.

But those working in aviation are the “good guys of globalisation” according to the CEO.

Speaking ACI Europe’s general assembly, in which the Lufthansa chief executive delivered one of the keynote addresses, Spohr remarked on the fact IATA reports there will be 8 billion passengers travelling by 2026.

To cope with this demand from an airline’s perspective the Lufthansa boss said it will be focusing on bio-metric boarding, digital bag services, automation in ground processes, automated GSE, using customer data and using AR not just for training.

Although Spohr remarked that cooperation between different parties is vital so industry is not “in the past”, he also made a comment about how airlines and airports are often at odds with one another’s interests.

You can choose your friends, not your family, said Carsten Spohr, and this is something the airline has to put up with.