Lufthansa Group shows EU support with ‘Yes to Europe’ campaign ahead of elections

Lufthansa Group shows EU support with ‘Yes to Europe’ campaign
The message "Yes to Europe" will feature on several Lufthansa Group aircraft (Image credit: Lufthansa Group)

Lufthansa Group has launched a new campaign in support of the “European idea” ahead of this year’s European elections in June.

The message “Yes to Europe” will feature on several Lufthansa Group aircraft, framed by the European star wreath.

The decals will feature on four Airbus A320 aircraft operated by Lufthansa, Eurowings, Brussels Airlines and Austrian Airlines.

According to the group, the slogan is a “message at an altitude of over ten kilometres and spread across the entire continent.”

All four aircraft will be flown to Brussels on 13 May, with Lufthansa calling the move a joint initiative for the European elections where it is taking a stand in “strengthening democracy”.

The Lufthansa Group made a similar campaign before, prior to the 2019 European elections, when the company gave a Lufthansa A320 a “SayYesToEurope” slogan.

Lufthansa CEO Jens Ritter has stressed the company’s belief in the idea of a united Europe.

Ritter affirms that air transport strengthens “the independence and sovereignty of the continent”, and that flying serves as the basis for trade, tourism and intercultural encounters.

He added: “The election is of immense importance because Europe needs both stability and a clear change of direction.

“A central task of future European politics must be to strengthen the EU’s competitiveness and thereby securing value creation and prosperity.

“Lufthansa Group is sending out a strong signal for a free, united continent and strong democracy, four Airbus A320 will serve as ambassadors for the European idea.”