Lufthansa urges swift agreement with Unions amid wage negotiations

image credit: Lufthansa

German airline Lufthansa has expressed its eagerness to expedite wage negotiations with labour unions following demands for higher pay increases. The airline, grappling with ongoing strikes, aims to avert further disruptions.

In response to labour union Verdi’s call for a more substantial pay raise, a Lufthansa spokesperson stated, “We have taken note of Verdi’s statements and are still interested in a quick agreement.”

Recent strikes by ground staff at major airports, the second within a month, impacted approximately 100,000 passengers. Despite multiple negotiation sessions, including the latest fruitless meeting on Thursday, an agreement remains elusive.

Initially scheduled for mid-March, Verdi is pushing for an earlier meeting with Lufthansa to hasten the negotiation process. However, Verdi insists that any progress hinges on a significantly improved offer from the airline.

Verdi demands a wage increase of 12.5% or a minimum of 500 euros ($541) per month over a year, along with a one-time payment of 3,000 euros. Lufthansa’s recent adjustments to its offer, characterized as minor concessions, have not met Verdi’s expectations, further prolonging the dispute.