lux-Airport certified level 3+ ‘Neutrality’

posted on 17th March 2022 by Eddie Saunders
lux-Airport certified level 3+ ‘Neutrality’

The ACI Airport Carbon Accreditation programme endorses the airport industry carbon management by classifying the different levels of maturity into six stages.

Hence, the programme provides a unique common framework and tool for active carbon management at airports with measurable results.

After reaching level 2 ‘Reduction’ of the carbon certification standard for airports beginning of 2020, lux-Airport headed directly to level 3+, also known as carbon neutrality.

The airport operator, lux-Airport, put many efforts into improving its actions, worked with its partners to reduce carbon emissions and developed plans for a sustainable engagement ahead.

Furthermore, lux-Airport compensated for the remainder of carbon emissions in their direct control by investing in internationally recognized high-quality offsets.

The achievement of level 3+ is the outcome of a common environmental approach of the main airport’s stakeholders.

A good example is the use of electricity produced by 100% hydropower, which is carbon neutral.

Vehicles, buildings, and ground power supplies for aircraft – all users of electricity contribute to carbon reduction by using this renewable energy.

Another example is the runway renovation, where the lights were changed into modern LED lighting and the adaptation of the lighting in the parking garage to an intelligent turn-on/turn-off system – only in use when needed.

Moreover, the aeronautical emissions are included in the actions too, as the landing charges at lux-Airport include an environmental factor.