MAI welcomes Hamad International Airport at Munich Airport Academy

MAI hosts Hamad International Airport's ENJAZ delegation for a 3-week training program at the Munich Airport Academy, Copyright: © Munich Airport International (MAI)

Munich Airport International (MAI), the consulting subsidiary of Munich Airport, hosted a three-week training program for members of Hamad International Airport’s (DOH) national talent development program ‘ENJAZ’.

The training took place at the Munich Airport Academy, the internationally recognized training division of Munich Airport offering premium training in all aspects of airport operations, management, infrastructure, safety, and security as well as other pertinent airport-related topics.

Hamad International Airport’s ENJAZ program was introduced to grow and nurture national talent to become future leaders in the aviation industry.

Since its launch, the airport has partnered with multiple aviation associations and regulatory bodies to propel the development of its talent.

With over a decade of operational excellence, Hamad International Airport continues to expand its facility and through the ENJAZ program, the airport secures its future by investing in its people which is integral to its growth progression.

The training, which was developed by MAI in cooperation with the Airport Academy, consisted of a mix of theoretical sessions and practical on-the-job training and was prepared and delivered by a broad group of subject matter experts, including senior management, from Munich Airport, the Airport Academy and MAI.

The training facilitated the sharing of knowledge across various topics and learning formats. It covered a broad range of subjects including airport business models, aviation marketing and route development, airline-airport relations, safety and security, duty management, cargo operations, master planning, commercial development, passenger experience and business continuity management.

Lorenzo di Loreto, Managing Director of Munich Airport International (MAI) states: “Congratulations to all participants on the successful completion of this novel and immersive training program.

“Three weeks at Munich Airport, accompanied by recognized leaders and experts, have been a valuable experience to us all and, equally important, an exemplary collaboration between 5 airports.

“We have been honored to collaborate with the ENJAZ Program and we are ready to host further training programs at our airport soon.”

Sebastian Arkadiusz Wojtun, Senior Vice President, Human Resources at Hamad International Airport, said: “This was a great opportunity for Hamad International Airport’s ENJAZ candidates which also showcases our commitment to fostering relationships within the aviation industry.

“As the world’s best airport, we have consistently invested in our talent by enhancing the capabilities of the future generation through new experiences and training models.

“Our gratitude to the Airport Academy for delivering an immersive, insightful and tailored learning program for our participants.”