May traffic growth at Brussels Airport despite strikes

posted on 12th June 2018 by Justin Burns
May traffic growth at Brussels Airport despite strikes

Brussels Airport continued its momentum as more than 2.26 million passengers were welcome in May – an increase of 2.8 per cent compared to the same month last year.

This is a new record and the airport says it was mainly due to the increase in the number of originating passengers (+3.9 per cent).

However, growth came despite a two-day strike at Brussels Airlines (pictured above) and the technical cancellations of part of the fleet (Superjet regional aircraft) which had a negative impact of more than two per cent on Brussels Airport’s expected growth in May.

Without these problems, growth would have reached about five per cent for the month of May. The effects were particularly noticeable on the number of passengers in transit, which dropped by 7.7 per cent.

The leisure flight segment grew by 10 per cent in May, while long-haul flights increased by more than 20 per cent due to the launch in recent months of new long-haul services to Africa and Asia. Other European airlines are growing strongly, partly due to the strike at Brussels Airlines.