Munich Airport Sees Further Upturn in Transatlantic Travel

posted on 8th November 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Munich Airport Sees Further Upturn in Transatlantic Travel

The end today of strict US entry restrictions for European travelers has further boosted transatlantic travel at Munich Airport, with Lufthansa today resuming flights to Miami for the first time in addition to the routes it has already begun operating again this year.

Flights from Munich will land in the major Florida city again for the first time since the route was halted in March 2020 and will operate three times a week in the winter flight schedule.

Global travel restrictions imposed on account of the pandemic had caused the number of flights to drop dramatically at Munich Airport, including for transatlantic travel.

On account of the travel ban in both North America and in the European Union, only 10 flights departed each week.

By June, this had already risen to 37 and the number of weekly flights from Munich jumped to 67 when the EU opened its borders to travelers from the US in June.

“With the United States government lifting the travel ban effective today, the travel wishes of everyone who has been waiting for months to fly across the pond can finally come true,” said airport CEO Jost Lammers, speaking at the departure gate in Terminal 2 before the flight to Miami took off.

“Airline booking figures already show that passenger demand is high. When we look back at the pandemic and the impact it had on global aviation in subsequent years, we might well remember November 8, 2021 as one of the key turning points”.